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Agriculture is the future of Africa, with the possibility of becoming a $1 trillion industry by 2030 according to projections by The World Bank. To reach this forecast, certain steps must be taken. One of the things that can positively transform agriculture in Africa is to focus on helping small-scale commercial farmers.

Changing Flames seeks to be a part of the solution for the agricultural hindrances in Africa. Our model assesses agri-businesses for their weaknesses or lack and provides them with the resources they need to begin being competitive in the marketplace. Through micro-loans, we help SMEs get needed equipment. We also expose them to modern agricultural advances and circumvent the oordination failure that hinders small and mid-size farms from growing their market.
/ Continental Impact

Changing Flames funds viable projects and serves as a custodial institution to oversee the disbursement, execution, and fulfillment of loans granted to small and medium scale businesses through our Microfinance Fund.

Gross expenditure
on R&D is less
than 0.3%, with
international donors
providing 75% of
R&D budgets
Just like Bunders and Broerse (1991), we believe that agricultural biotechnology, also known as agro-biotech will be instrumental in contributing significantly toward increasing food production by rural and resource-limited farmers, while preserving declining resources such as forests, soil, water, and arable land.

Currently, there are many conversations about the impact of biosciences in Africa, but so far funds to support the knowledge-based development has been limited.
Our Fund provides equity capital and technical assistance to Africa biotechnical-agro-biotech companies. Changing Flames offer an integrated investment package. We provide management advice, training, governance, and technical assistance, as well as invest in the form of equity and quasi-equity instruments.

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