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    Trust & Reliability
    Changing Flames
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    Training & Development Center
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    Build Africa
    Together, Let's
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    Global Import
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Changing Flames convention is now Changing Flames Think Tank Event and will be hosted online on September 24th - 25th, 2020.

For details about the Think Tank event including registering to attend the virtual event, click the image below.

/ Our viewpoint

We aim to provide holistic solutions with strategy & Technology. Changing Flames has resolved to:


Sustainable Solutions

To spur economic development and social progress on the African continent


Trade & Workforce

We are committed to increasing Africa's regional trade, workforce, and import into the U.S. markets.


& Expand

We fund, train, mentor, provide resource, create networks, expand, and turn entrepreneurs and students into International Change Agents.


/ Expertice

Markets We Served







/ Services

How we aim to work

Think of us as a full-service firm for international trading. We work with you through all stages of your business. Whether your business is small or not, we want to come and help you grow it, while fulfilling international contracts that will benefit you significantly.


All the businesses in our network will get a shiny remake. Our services aims to start with an organization audit. We figure out where you are, where you plan to go and how we can get you there.


We push the boundaries of what's possible. Dream it. We will help you actualize it.

/ Changing Flames

Our Four Pillars

/ Trust
We will seek to build trusting relationship with business and financial partners. We serve as the vehicle of transformation of African countries because it will be far from “business as usual".
/ Transparency

We aim to operate with full transparency through our multifaceted and dynamic technology system. Our system can be accessed by our partners and appointed administrators in real-time.

/ Training

We aim to provide training through Global Training Centers and Regional Training Hubs. We also plan to host a business incubator, and continually educate and equip entrepreneurs to build and grow profitable businesses.

/ Trajectory

We aim to provide businesses with the necessary funding and a success-based infrastructure, powered by  performance tracking system.

“Pay attention to emerging technology, stay connected and we will get you there.”

/ Featured Projects

Projects That Inspire Us

"Improving Africa’s agricultural infrastructure and growth will increase farming earnings, reduce greenhouse emission, and promote economic growth within African communities."

Chris Kalu

" At Changing Flames, we encourage local and national partnerships between farmers and other entrepreneurs."

Dr. Linus Akepe

"Importing products into the United States can often be more arduous than it may seem at first. That’s why we’re here to counsel our clients on the laws and regulations of compliant importing."

Michael Dubin

"Our strength lies within our ability to lock arms in unity. Together, we ignite bold innovative African entrepreneurs; together, we create continental generational wealth."

Dr. Tylisha Johnson

/ Associations and Partners

Changing Flames is proud to associate and partner with renowned institutions and world-class companies.

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