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Technical & Real Life Skills

Teaching real-life skills such as negotiating contracts, expanding business and moving beyond informal economy.

Reducing Informal Economy

A significant amount of African small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) operate in an informal economy. In fact, 66% of total employment in Sub-Saharan African is in the informal sector, according to the International Labour Organization.
Unfortunately, informal enterprises typically are characterized by low productivity, low wages and non-exportable goods and services even though they play a significant role in providing employment to rural and less-educated workers. We believe education and training will play a huge role in reducing informal economy and increase Africa's contribution to the Global Market!
Challenges African Entrepreneurs Face


  • Attracting customers
  • Maintaining profitability
  • Increasing revenue
  • Uncertainty over economic conditions
  • Securing financing forexpansion.


  • Informal sector
  • Corruption
  • Political instability
  • Lack of electricity
  • Lack of access to finance
  • Lack of skilled labor and adequate training

Unique to Women

  • Customs, Social and Cultural values
  • Weakened Self-confidence
  • Access to adequate resources (training, financial, network, respect in the market, etc.)

Our Solutions: Empowering Businesses for Sustainable Success

We provide a local support system for Small and Medium Business Enterprises that includes training and educating them at our Global Training Centers and empowering them through our Business Empowerment Program.

The Entrepreneurs are equipped to develop and launch a sustainable business to ensure long-term success and job creation and retention for the local economy.

Education & Training at our Global Centers

Champion scientific research and technology development, engineering and management consultancy, environmental preservation, communications infrastructure, etc.
Five regional Training Hubs that provide ongoing training, educating and equipping entrepreneurs to build and grow profitable businesses.
Promote direct collaboration between College/University students’ and their communities, and youth entrepreneurship and development opportunities.
Position businesses in both local and global market, promote sustainable growth and profitability, and mitigate lending risks.
Champion scientific research and technology development, engineering and management consultancy, environmental preservation, communications infrastructure, etc.
Facilitate comprehensive approach to ensure businesses get officially registered, learn financial and taxation policies, and adhere to government laws and regulations.

Benefits of our Business Empowerment Program

  • Individual and group coaching workshops.
  • Quarterly business training from industry experts.
  • Access to business professionals and mentors.
  • Mentorship will be provided by industry leaders, and includes apprenticeship, and shadowing.
  • Access to our marketing and IT teams for your business needs.
  • Computer access for business use - a onestop shop support services.
  • Access to funding information and assistance applying for the available loans and grants.
  • Access to local and international higher education resources and databases.
  • Discount on special events and our Annual Summit

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