/ Ladies Locking Arms Leveraging Assets


We invite you to become a member of LLALA “Ladies Locking Arms Leveraging Assets” LLALA’s mission is to educate, empower and encourage women to lock arms in unity and cultivate relationships that help to uniquely leverage their assets for a greater global impact.
/ Objectives

Form Industry-Specific Relationships (ISR)between African-based women and women in the U.S. (and eventually abroad).

Partnership program through our ICA program.

Mentorship program – create an environment of women learning from one another.

Provide African Business Women’s Initiative (ABWI) with partners/mentors.

/ Benefits

1. Leveraging African Women’s Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP) unilaterally.
2. Participate in and contribute to an online learning environment through webinars with ABWI and AWEP.
3. Become a vendor/supplier offering and purchasing products at a wholesale price.
4. Gain exposure to promote your business on a global platform.
5. Discount pricing on conventions and events.
6. Opportunity to be a featured as a speaker at our LLALA meeting.
7. Inspiration to create a new business.
8. Community to glean and share valuable knowledge and ideas.
9. Discovering a new family that facilitates new perspectives and introduces innovative ways of doing business and life.
10. The gratifying feeling of knowing you are needed and making a significant and positive contribution locally as well as globally.
11. Becoming a part of a global network of women.
12. Offering your time as a gift to coach and mentor will help you gain more opportunities. Your gift opens doors to you and leads you to places.
13. International trade learning opportunities

/ For all these profitable benefits, we ask that LLALA Members:
1. Agree to use your position of power in your businesses, communities and spheres of influence to promote joining the Changing Flames community.
2. Maintain an active, significant, and impactful relationship with LLALA, as outlined in achieving the objectives of LLALA.
3. As a thought-leader, make contributions to the overall growth and advancement of the mission of LLALA.


LLALA Membership

Ladies Locking Arms Leveraging Assets (LLALA) membership requirements to build sustainable business partnership for the members of African Business Women’s Initiative (ABWI): Meet one or more of the following*:

1. Must be the head/director of a department/subdivision of a corporation (oversees approx. 25-50 employees).
2. Must be the CEO/C-suite Executive of a for-profit corporation with a significant reach and impact in the industry (in business at least 1 year and 25 to 50 employees).
3. Must be the Founder/President (Board President/VP) of a not-for-profit organization and must have 25 or more members, organize at least 2 or more fundraisers per year, significant media presence (e.g. TV, Radio, social media, etc.) or has won an award and/or featured in a magazine.

*Further consideration will be given for other types of influential women leaders at the discretion of LLALA leadership.