Bonga Powerbike

Bonga Powerbike Made and Packed in Senegal

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    Bonga Powerbike Made and Packed in Senegal


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Bongajum Lesley Ndzi


Dakar, Senegal

Country of Origin - Cameroon

Bonga Power Bike combines physical activity with electricity generation. It is a stationary exercise bike that converts the mechanical energy generated while pedaling into electrical energy and stores them in a battery. The battery can be used immediately or later to light up the home, charge phones, power fans and energy saving television, etc. For example, 30 minutes on the bike creates and stores electricity that can light 7 light bulbs for 12 hours. For less than $4 per month, families can light a 4-bedroom home for at least 5 years.

There two types of Bonga Power Bikes: Classic Power Bike and Hybrid Power Bike. The Classic Power Bike can either come with a 15-inch touch screen consul for virtual classes and to monitor production and fitness level. The upgraded Classic Power Bike will come loaded with pre-recorded virtual spinning classes from well-trained tutors, choreographed and designed to help the users reach their energy production and fitness goals during each exercise session. And the Hybrid Power Bike combines solar with the same dynamo principle and technology as the Classic Power Bike to produce and stores electricity.



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The vision is to be able to power up remote villages without electricity or severely hit by energy poverty.

Route Delivery

Product ships directly from Senegal. 

Procurement and Logistics

For technology transfer or to buy the bike, Contact Changing Flames.


Impact of the Bonga Bike on the community, country and the world.

In Senegal, we are creating spinning studios at secondary schools in rural and semi-urban areas, turning them into mini grid centers. We are equipping schools with 30 to 50 power bikes and solar-paneled roof tops (depending on the school size and their energy needs). During P.E., students circle indoor, generating 10,000W (10kw) daily on average.

We also designed rechargeable power banks and rechargeable bulbs that can provide light energy saving light for 7hours. Students in the rural communities are given power bank each to use at night to study. They would charge up their power banks at school and then go home to connect it to their energy saving bulbs, ensuring they can study at any time.

The spinning labs in the school also serves as an educational platform for students to learn and explore topics related to electricity, conservation of energy, green energy, mechanics, welding, fitness, human biology, etc. The spinning lab’s Read and Ride program has increased reading, physical activity, and interest in STEM.

Beyond the schools, the Bonga Bike benefits businesses and private individuals. Senegalese buy the power bikes to serve as a complimentary or backup electricity source. They also buy the Power Kit, which can be added to any bicycle, movable or stationary, and used to create and store electricity as the rider moves throughout the day transporting goods and persons. The stored energy can then be used to light up their homes at night or it can be sold to others to light up their homes at night.

Overall, Bonga Bike is creating energy, championing health, mental health and fitness, providing an educational platform for students to get into STEM, creating jobs in the community, and preserving the environment. As an alternative source of clean energy, the Bonga Bike reduces carbon footprint, preserving the environment.


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