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Jagrin Best Agriculture Products produced in Tanzania

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    Jagrin Best Agriculture Products produced in Tanzania


• Hass Avocado + Arabic Coffee
• Agricultural Farm
• Bee Keeping and Honey


Riziki Jailos Messa


Mbozi Songwe, Tanzania

Country of Origin - Tanzania

A Pan-African agri-business company, Jagrin Agriculture Company Limited is a large-scale sustainable commercial farm that produces and supplies high-quality agricultural produce that meet international markets’ standards. Jagrin Agriculture Co works to transform African agriculture through the application of modern technology and best farming practices.

They have developed and implemented a diversified portfolio of various crop and non-crop farming projects that meet local and international markets' standards, with the objective of bridging the quality, quantity, and sustainability gap in the African continent.

Produce farmed and sold includes Hass avocados, Arabica coffee, timber trees (pines), bananas, vegetables (such as tomatoes, chili pepper, capsicum, African spinach, and egg plants), coffee & pine tree seedling nurseries, and macadamia nuts. The company also keeps bees and harvest honey.

Its 30 bee houses produce honey, wax, bee pollen, and bee propolis. And its Hass avocados from its 4-acres, 400 trees land are considered the best in Mbozi. So much so, the Jagrin avocado farm was declared a model demonstration farm for farmers and stakeholders in Mbozi and Mbeya Rural districts in October 21, 2016.

And since Riziki Messa, Jagrin Agriculture Co Managing Director, grew in a coffee farming family, where he was groomed and practically trained on good coffee farming practices, its Arabica coffee is excellent in its quality.

Jagrin Agriculture Co’s agricultural activities are currently done in Hasamba Ward in Mbozi district. Future plans include expanding into different parts of Tanzania, especially Coast, Dodoma and Morogoro regions, with total acres of lands owned and farmed reaching 1,000 acres in the next ten years.



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Jagrin Agriculture Company Limited is determined to be a catalyst of change for agricultural renaissance in Tanzania and Africa in general, which has tremendous growth potential. Also, its vision is to be an internationally reputable company, producing best quality agricultural products satisfying both local and international markets.

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Impact of Jagrin Agriculture in the community, countr and the world.

African agriculture is predominantly characterized by low investment, subsistence farming, traditional practices, rain-fed agriculture, poor technology, low productivity, and 80% of the farmland in sub-Saharan Africa is managed by small scale farmers. All these lead to poor quality, inadequate and unsustainable supply to meet the growing local and international demand for agricultural produce and products.

Jagrin Agriculture Company Limited believes that the African continent could and should be feeding itself. So, it pushes for food security through large scale production of healthy, quality agricultural products. And it hopes to transform African agriculture from subsistence to sustainable commercial farming.

It is determined to be part of the pioneers revamping agricultural production in Tanzania and expanding the country’s market share through improvements in both productivity and quality. It is developing sustainable agricultural projects that promote organic farming and enhance environmental stewardship and promoting economic and social wellbeing of Tanzanian people by creating sustainable jobs.

It is also the center of excellence in the application of modern technology and best industrial farming techniques for the production of healthy, superior quality products. It’s also the center for Changing Flames agriculture internship. Interns learn to farm for a couple of months and then are mentored as they go and start their farms.


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