Olga Indigo

Olga Indigo Art Made in Republic of Benin

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    Olga Indigo Art Made in Republic of Benin


• Art Batik
• African Painter
• Artisan Craft


Riziki Jailos Messa


Mbozi Songwe, Tanzania

Country of Origin - Benin

Olga’s grandmother, Louise Gbehanzin, taught her about the techniques of dyeing with natural colors, such as indigo. Her mother Marie Rose Lima, taught her how to awaken Benin’s nature colors using Indigo flower, kola nut, Baobab juice, Teck leaves, honey residue, Shea-tree butter, etc.

Her parents descended from the ancient royal lineage of the Dahomey Empire (modern-day Benin). Her grandmother created the king and queen’s fabrics, and the amazon warrior's clothes. The Dahomey royal families started using these unique fabrics during the Oro feast, an ancient Yoruba cult.

At 14 years old, Olga learned sewing. After her sewing training, Olga began to specialize mostly in the fabrication of batiks with a unique style. She dedicates her life to her works of art on royal fabrics called Aho.



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To spread her joy and passion emanating from her soul into the world and affect people’s lives positively.

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Impact of our Olga Indigo on the community and the world.

Olga Indigo is a very lively woman who loves life and people. She paints with passion and love. A mystical aura emanates from her art and her soul. Her paintings represent her joy of life! They embody the stars, the sky, the earth, the sun and the moon. They carry joy, feast, and love in every form.


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